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Hong-Kong born piano accompanist & piano teacher, MIZU Hannah Chow is based in London & Cardiff, where she is collaborating with singers, instrumentalists and composers.  She regularly performs in duos particularly with singers and with horn.  She engages with a wide range of repertoires, with particular interest in music written by female composers and contemporary music.   Recent repertoire highlights have included Sicilienne et Allegro by Yvonne Desportes, Esquisse Romantique by Hedwige Chrétien and Tre Poemi by Volker David Kirchner.

Hannah was awarded The Gilbert's Prize for Piano Performance at her first conservatoire, as she 'demonstrated an outstanding ability in communicating to an audience through performance'.  Her innate musicality and her warm personality have attracted a great number of aspiring students and endeavouring collaborators to work with her in both her teacher and collaborative performer roles.  Her motto is to use music as a tool to influence lives and to nurture motivators.  Her interests have evolved to include not only the classical concert stage, but also recording, in which she now has experience on both sides of the microphone, session playing, and online teaching.


Hannah studied piano accompaniment at the Royal Academy of Music with Ian Brown and Nicola Eimer.  Her upcoming events include song and chamber recitals in and around London & Cardiff. 

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